Civil/Structural Consultancy

Chattel Associates Nigeria Limited

Chattel Associates Limited

Civil/Structural Consultancy

CHATTEL ASSOCIATES Nigeria Ltd provides the Designs Services to build and rehabilitate highways, bridges, culverts, dams, airport facilities and many other concrete structures.

Whether the client is a Government Ministry, a Town or City, a Developer, a private owner, or another General Contractor,

CHATTEL ASSOCIATES Nigeria Ltd has both the expertise and the depth of resources to complete their project at the highest quality.

The CHATTEL ASSOCIATES Nigeria Ltd also possesses a wealth of experience and capability in its staff. With highly skilled work crews and innovative and dependable project management, supported by an extensive fleet of equipment of the latest technology;

CHATTEL ASSOCIATES Nigeria Ltd can serve their clients on projects of any scale.

Whether building long stretches of multi-land freeway or building or rehabilitating bridges over land or water, the CHATTEL ASSOCIATES is the second to none.

We undertake the sinking of borehole, concrete water retaining structure, basement preparation, piling, surface, and overhead water facilities/ filtration system.

We are also involved in building maintenance, renovation, and modification services. We carry out road design, construction, and maintenance.

We are a registered body with Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) and have required DPR Permit. CHATTEL ASSOCIATES Nigeria Ltd is registered with NipeX  and Local Content (NOGIC JQS) and NCEC..