Integrity Checks on Infrastructures

Chattel Associates Nigeria Limited

CHATTEL ASSOCIATES NIG. LTD. provides Integrity Checks on Infrastructures like Roads, Bridges, Culverts, Dams, Airport facilities and many other Concrete/Steel structures.
Whether the client is a Government Ministry, a Town or City, a Developer, a private owner, or another General Contractor,

CHATTEL ASSOCIATES NIG. LTD has both the expertise and the depth of resources to complete their project at the highest quality.

We also possess the wealth of experience and highly qualified staff. With our skilled work crews and innovative and dependable project management, supported by an extensive fleet of equipment of the latest technology such as Pile test Equipment, Multifunctional Rebar Detector, Dando 2000 Rig, Hand Rig, etc;

Underground Sewers Drainage System

Ho-Pacs are ideal for trench, slope and excavation compaction. The vibration produced by the Ho-Pac is an ideal force for compacting granular materials since vibration generates stress waves which bring the soil’s air to the surface.
As a result, the particles of soil are rearranged and moved closer to each other which reduces voids in the soil. Ho- Pacs compact in densities in excess of 95% Proctor.

Ho-Pacs are also used for compacting waste materials and for breaking up frozen coal. An optional swivel-top mounting bracket permits precise positioning of the Ho-Pac without repositioning the carrier.

CHATTEL ASSOCIATES involved in the design and construction of all type of buildings and roads, procurement and installation of citadel security product which is mainly handled by our rep in the United Kingdom, drainage construction and location site preparation works.