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Mechanical Design.

Mechanical Fabrication Designs & Painting.
CHATTEL ASSOCIATES is well-established in pipeline fabrication and structural engineering works.
We are capable of sandblasting and pipe priming, pipe fittings, steel plates and steel members of any size: pipeline clamping and leakages repairs using modern pipe wrapping technology, fabrication, erection and maintenance of telecommunication towers, crude oil/water storage tanks, walkway and platforms as well as leasing fabrication equipment and certified fitters and welders on a per day rate.
We also do Thermal insulation, Pipe coating and Laying.
Fabrication and installation of Citadel Security Fencing System Gate.
Our range of durable aluminum pipes and on site installations.
At CHATTEL ASSOCIATES we are partnering with renowned OEMS to provide technical services to reputable Oil & Gas and Engineering companies in and the west Africa sub-region.
They provide CHATTEL ASSOCIATES with additional equipment and human resources back – up at a short notice, to handle very complex and highly technical jobs.
The prime objective of any pipeline division is to provide for safe and efficient operation. CHATTEL ASSOCIATES’s leak detection and location application guarantees these objectives. Our data acquisition devices & applications helps in pipeline operation and registers all abnormal imbalances and notifies the operator in case of an anomaly. The operator has all the tools necessary to quickly and accurately pinpoint the problem.
CHATTEL ASSOCIATES has developed various methods of leak detection that address the requirements of specific pipeline operation. These procedures are independent from one another and can be implemented alone or in combination with others.