Pile & Deep Foundations Testing Service

Chattel Associates Nigeria Limited

Chattel Associates Limited

Pile & Deep Foundations Testing Service

Static Load Tests (SLT) of foundation piles and pillars, diaphragm walls, anchors and soil nails

Chattel Associates (Nig) Ltd carry out static tests in any possible configuration: vertical (compression and tension), lateral and raked piles load tests.

We have the latest equipment that reveals and organizes information about flaws in the Pile and deep foundations in a human-readable form and helps to make well-informed decisions.

We test a large number of deep foundations quickly and accurately to establish the depth of existing foundations (specifical piles) where the superstructure precludes access to the pile heads.

Chattel Associates Nigeria Limited is a Civil/Structural Engineering company in Nigeria based in Port Harcourt since 1994. We started a business of design, studies & integrity checks with SPDC since 1995.

Our Pile & Foundations Testing Equipment comes with the following features:

 Easy to use: Wizard-based interface hides the complexity of the calculations.

 Interactive UI—Zoom, rotate, tilt.

 lightning-fast calculations and graphics.

 Vertical and horizontal slices at any depth/direction.

 Immediate velocity threshold selection.

 Wireframe, Opaque and semi-transparent options help visualize the flaws.

 Create a report in a video clip form, in a document form or hand over the free 3DT viewer for anyone to view the results interactively.

You can hire our equipment with our staff supervision.

As a Nigerian indigenous Engineering, our services are Civil/ Structural Consultancy, Integrity checks, and Study, Geotechnical investigation, Design, and Manpower supply.